About Us

"Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." is a Delhi-based pioneering human resource management agency for exportation of manpower services across the Gulf region and other countries. The agency was established and approved by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India in 1998
under the License No. B-0141/DEL.COM/1000+/2/3/4/S059/98. Being well equipped with the requisite infrastructures and 20-years long experience in the migration related activities, the organisation is poised to play a very impactful role in providing highly qualified, professionally advanced, technologically sound, and hard-working semi-skilled & unskilled human resources from India.

What We Do

Based in the heart of India's capital, we also operate through our business-consultants in all major metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Chandigarh, Lucknow etc. for the purpose of search and selection of best, talented, efficient and qualified workforce to fulfil the requirements of our clients abroad. "Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." comprises of a fully dedicated and enthusiastic team of professionals. The services provided by this team, are widely renowned for their hassle-free management, professional approach, reliability and cost-effectiveness among our clients. The method that our company adopts in searching candidates for various posts, is driven by specific circumstances. We shortlist excellent candidates by looking into various aspects of this business like industry-specific skills and the location of such talent, as we find a sizeable concentration of candidates for various professions in many parts of India. Once we receive a demand from our foreign clients for the recruitment of any given number of workers, we activate our process by taping the candidates from the market. Once the candidates have been identified, before presenting them to the foreign employer's representative/interview panel, we conduct in-depth pre-interview examination with each individual via telephonic call, and obtain detailed information (on topics such as educational background, experience, job history, career goals, personality traits etc). Our systematic and streamlined methodology of recruitment helps to provide apt manpower according to the Client's requirement at the stipulated time. We have qualified and efficient staff for testing, interviewing and assessment. The selection process is conducted by people with immense knowledge and experience in the relevant field, enabling us to tackle your requisition promptly.

Why Only Us

Our organisation is in this business since the oil-boom of 1970s when the actual migration of workers from the South Asia to the Gulf countries began. Hence, we are well-aware of the nitty-gritty of dynamics of migration process. This acquisition of broad knowledge pertaining to the recruitment & human resource issues with a deep understanding of all kind of industries, enable us to furnish best solution to our clients in their demand of workforce from India. To provide prompt and professional services to the foreign employers (FEs), "Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." is well-positioned to deliver and meet their demands with world class HR solution professionalism.

Recruitment Process

"Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." has a well-structured recruitment process for sourcing ideal candidates to our clients. Our aim is not merely to find a candidate to fill any position, rather we make all possible efforts to get a 'right person' for the 'right position' in accordance with the cultures and service ethics of our client's organisation."Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." also promises to uphold the integrity and values of our clients, acting as true representatives of the organisations we represent in the marketplace.


For providing best quality services to customers, our company "Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." is backed by a talented team of professionals who are master in this domain. We work day and night to meet the huge market demands and ensure the satisfaction of the customers. Our team is capable, efficient and work hard to meet the goal of the company. "Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." also offers growthoriented career opportunity to the prospective Job seekers. To attract the best talent from all corners of India, "Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." has a very persuasive work culture whereas it uses pan-India database to fetch the most efficient and capable candidates to satisfy the need of our clients abroad.


Our vision is to become the client's preferred manpower exporting Agency with utmost professionalism, honesty and integrity. We also strive to be the preferred platform for candidates to discover and pursue careers with their ideal organizations that we deal with. Our prime target is to emerge as a hub of manpower excellency and to be human resource arm of the corporate world globally.


"Shuk|a Enterprises PVT. LTD." serves as a connecting point between foreign employers and potential job seekers from India. The company cooperates and coordinates in all activities related to HR services. The main objectives set by our company, are as follows....

  • To facilitate exportation of efficient and effective workforce to our foreign clients across the globe.
  • To assist India's prospective job-seekers in exploring overseas employment opportunities.
  • To serve our clients as well as our candidates up to their maximum satisfaction and win their confidence and appreciation.
  • To discover new avenues of business in field of manpower recruitment and tourism sector.
  • To bring India more close to the world in general and to the Gulf nations in particular, with more peopleto-people contact in areas of trade, construction. health, agriculture, education and manpower.
  • To uplift the economy of India by reducing unemployment rate and to help host countries in meeting the demand of growing workforce for their infrastructural and financial developments.


We, at the "Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD.", firmly believe that we attain success only when our clients and customers succeed in realising the burning desires of their organisations. We, therefore, imbibe a complete set of ethical principles and philosophical values that define our functionality and dealing with others. The hallmark of our principle and philosophy consists of...


We, at the "Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD.", remain honest and truthful in all our dealings and we do not deliberately mislead or deceive others by misrepresentations, overstatements, partial truths or any other means.


We demonstrate personal integrity and the courage of our convictions by doing what we think is right even when there is great pressure to do otherwise. Our team is very much principled, honorable and upright; they will fight for their beliefs. They will not sacrifice principle for expediency and vantage.


Trust is a highly admirable attribute. Trust building is like building a tower stone by stone. On the contrary, lies topple the tower by removing stone by stone. We, at the "Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." are truly worthy of trust as we are candid and forthcoming in supplying relevant information and correcting misapprehensions of fact, and we make every reasonable effort to fulfill the letter and spirit of our promises and commitments. We do not interpret agreements in an unreasonably technical or legalistic manner in order to rationalize non-compliance or create justifications for escaping our commitments.


We also exhibit absolute loyalty and fidelity to persons and institutions in adversity, support and devotion to duty. We do not use or disclose information learned from our clients in confidence for personal advantage. We are loyal to our clients, their companies and colleagues and if they decide to depart from us and shift over to some other agency, we respect their decision and we do not disclose their proprietary information to any outsider, and we never engage in any activities that inflict undue harms on our previous clients.


We are fair and just in all of our dealings and actions. We do not exercise our position arbitrarily, rather we take decisions multilaterally. We, as well, neither use overreaching or indecent means to gain or maintain any advantage nor take undue advantage of another's mistakes or difficulties. We are open-minded; we are willing to admit where we are wrong and, where appropriate, change our positions and beliefs.


"Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." pursues excellence in performing its duties, as we are wellinformed, well-prepared, and constantly endeavor to increase our proficiency in all areas of responsibility.


Our agency seeks to protect and build the company's good reputation and the morale of its clients, customers, candidates, employees and all associates by engaging in no conduct that might undermine respect and by taking necessary steps/actions to correct or prevent inappropriate conduct of others.


We are all accountable for the impact of our actions, behaviours and decisions on fellow employees, customers, Shukla's overall success, our shareholder and the communities in which we operate.


"Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." comprehensively understands its clients' recruitment need and it is well-positioned to serve them in the best possible way available in the market.

"Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." also works on the categorization of job description, search criterion and time frame.

To source potential and efficient candidates, "Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." takes the help of latest database from the various job portals and advertisements in the local, regional and national dailies.

We at "Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." also make efforts to screen and assess the right candidates and our preference in the regard is that the selection of candidates should be done either by the employers themselves or by their authorised representatives/ interview panel.

After the final selection, "Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." sends the candidates for medical checkup by the authorised medical centers set-up according to the guidelines and standards of the countries of employment.

We also put forward application of selected candidates for visa endorsement in embassies where it's required.

After furnishing all necessary recruitment formalities, we take care of emigration clearance for those who need it. And then, we make arrangement of air-ticketing to enable the candidates to join the work in the destination country as soon as possible.

"Shukla Enterprises PVT. LTD." also takes pain in providing basic guidance to the workers prior to their departure from the country of origin. In addition to their rights, workers are also informed about their duties and responsibilities while being abroad and first hand information about work environment & salient features of labor law in the destination country.

Hence, we further assure you that if our organisation is given an opportunity to serve you, we shall render our best and most efficient services for recruitment, arrangement of the interviews, shortlisting the candidates, visa processing and the deployment of the selected candidates.